REO Renagades in Aptos, California - Very shady business

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I paid for and took the online seminar for $97. Interesting enough, but did not sign up for anything else, yet was charged $39.97 monthly.

For what? Have left numerous messages and have gotten no call back from the number listed on the credit card bill and on the REO Renegades website. And btw, if you don't hit "0" right off the bat, you get disconnected and can't even leave a message. Guess it doesn't matter since they don't call back anyway.

A complete scam as far as I am concerned. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company.

Reason of review: Unauthorized charges to my credit card.

Monetary Loss: $360.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

REO Renagades in Weston, Florida - Simple Review #1405009793

Not resolved

Same thing happened to me please do not waste your time or money. Had to cancel my credit card to stop the payments

REO Renagades / The American Society of REO Specialist - FRANK PATRICK


Says service is free for first 30 days - but then when you cancel they still bill your credit card. After confirming your cancellation they will still continue to bill you!

Fraudulent web site! BEWARE Guys name is FRANK PATRICK claims to be a REO Expert - The only thing this guy is an expert at is stealing peoples money! Complete scam! This is a one man operation and it shows!

His reference phone number for drafting actually calls a shipping container company that has nothing to do with the program. He never picks up his toll free number, you just get voice mail that is never returned.


San Leandro, California, United States #953241

I should have known better. The government doesn't charge you anything to do business with them!!!

Derby, Kansas, United States #812775

One last one will ever call you back and forget about getting a refund as the web site advertises. This Frank Patrick at REO Renegades is a CROOK!!!


I've been trying to CANCEL the $39.97 monthly charge for months now and no one ever calls me back so I'm going to file a dispute with my credit card company.

Marco Island, Florida, United States #800585

You are right! This is a scam!!! Same thing happened to me...


Frank Patrick led his students to believe HUD was going to assign a

new Asset manager for Arizonia California, Hawaii, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, Alaska, Oregon and Washington. HUD gave the new contract back to the old Asset Manager BLB Resources. Frank told us it was challenged and a new Asset Manager would be assigned the new contract. This was all a lie to string us students along to keep getting money out of us each month. This guy is not honest at all. The whole thing was a scam. All I can say is be aware that he is a scam artist. He talks a good ball game but nothing concert behind it.


Los Angeles, California, United States #669338

I received an email advertisement for REO Renagades Frank Patrick and signed up for it, paid the $97.00 fee and everytime I had email correspondence with Frank he was rude and very condescending. I have asked that my membership be cancelled I'll keep you updated if they try to continue to charge my credit card. Beware of this guy he needs anger management desperately!

Elmore, Alabama, United States #635283

Wait a minute guys. You have this site all wrong.

You have to work at it just like anything else. Frank gives you a list of the REO asset Management companies but you have to send in your application to each one. Frank even provides the staff to upload the info for you if you don't have the time. I think the cost was under $200.00 for me and it was well worth it.

Frank Patrick's site helped me get started in the REO business a few years ago and I have been very successful because of him. So don't knock it until you put some effort into it.

I will be glad to give you my phone number if you would like to call me. Very Happy Camper!!


Having received 2 $20 BPO's, I decided to return materials as per instructions via UPS to an address in AZ. It was returned - No such business' at this address.

I emailed company & was sent a phone # for contact. I have left numerous messages & have yet to have my calls returned.

DON'T BE FOOLED! IT is yet another scam.


Thank you for posting this and preventing so many of us unsuspecting Agents and Brokers from yet another scam. I was taken in by the webinar last night enough to want to give it a go, but fortunately for me I am a doubting Thomas enough to check the validity first.

This is very helpful. Thank you and I hope you are still doing well despite this.

to Tracey Rosenblatt Derby, Kansas, United States #812772

You were smart to not signup. I got suckered and paid the $97 bucks.

I got charged a $39 fee the next's being disputed and I reported it a FRAUD. This guy is a real *** artist.

Don't make the same mistake I did....stay away for FRANK at REO RENEGADES. By the way there was no mention of the $39.00 recurring charge.

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